Millions visit the Costa Blanca North for holidays each year, Benidorm is one of the biggest tourist cities in Spain. Actually the Spanish represent more than 50% of the tourist, so not everyone on holiday is from the UK, even if that is the impression you might get from Benidorm. The area also get tourists from Scandinavia, with Norway being the biggest group, and of course Germany, France and even Italy. Some state that its become so pricy to go to the south of France that the French come to Costa Blanca, it could be true as we see more and more French people.

The value for money in this area is amazing, especially dinning out cost so little. You can dine on really nice restaurants from 20-30 euro per person, including wine. You can of course also get away with 6 euro for a 3 course meal and wine, but we will not even consider that route, treat yourself to some decent food! Sadly many Spanish eat at home on holiday, and lots of English have an full board deals in Benidorm, this mean restaurants and bars don’t have as good business as they should, but this year (2014) we have seen sales going up again, so hopefully the recession is over and people are starting to spend money again.

Being on holiday you will stay most of your time on the beach, and if there is something we have enough off there is beaches. In our opinion Villajosa have the best beaches, both their main city beach both also smaller beaches outside the city center. Benidorm is not far behind, but can be packed in July and August. In Albir/Altea we don’t have sandy beaches, so a sun bed is recommended, but on the positive side, with no sand the water is is even clearer, and you don't get sand in your shorts.

If you are looking for activities there is a lot to do, with some truly spectacular Theme Parks and Water Parks offering an amazing variety of entertainment - making it one of the most exciting family holiday destinations in Europe. You should also check out Guadelest, one of the most vistied sites in all of Spain. There are also diving excursions, adventure rides by boat, car and motorcycle. You will not get borred, just dont forget to get that important beach time to relax and enjoy what holidays are all about, doing nothing at all. Click on the links below to learn more:

Terra Mitica theme park



Terra Natura

Aqua Natura

Jeep Safari

Scuba Diving

Go Carting



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